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Open Sound System for AIX

OSS/AIX provides device drivers for popular soundcards under IBM AIX 4.x. OSS/AIX comes with a user-friendly configuration tool that makes adding and configuring sound cards into IBM AIX a snap. OSS/AIX complies with the Open Sound System API. OSS/AIX also supports the onboard audio hardware for all IBM and Motorola PowerPCs.

OSS/AIX provides support for Java audio and IBM's Ultimedia Services. Now you can run UMS on any sound card!.

What's New?

OSS/AIX v3.9.8g released
  • Support for SPDIF on SoundBlaster 128-Digital versions
  • Added "record-what-you-hear" capture mode for AC97 devices
  • Support for Sound Blaster PCI128, CMedia CMI8738, ForteMedia FM801 devices now available.
  • Support for AIX 5.1 also added.
  • Support for all ISA PnP soundcards.
  • Improved installation for the drivers
  • Automatic ISA PnP soundcard detection


  • Currently only 1 PCI soundcard per machine is supported
  • PCI soundcards only support a 4K audio buffer, with the result certain apps may not work correctly. This limitation will be fixed shortly