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Open Sound System for LynxOS

OSS/LynxOS provides device drivers for popular audio chipsets as well as popular sound cards under Lynx Real Time Systems' LynxOS 4.0 for Intel x86 systems.

OSS for LynxOS is the only set of audio drivers available for LynxOS which support off-the-shelf hardware with true "Cross-Platform" and "Open Systems" compatibility. OSS/LynxOS complies with the Open Sound System API.

Developers can cross-develop and test OSS based applications in Unix machines such as Solaris/Sparc and Linux which also support the Open Sound System API. This enables quick prototyping and development of applications. Once the applications are developed on the host, the source code can be simply recompiled for the target architecture.

OSS for LynxOS 4.0 will provide 100% compatibility for all Linux audio apps. Hence you will be able to run binary Linux multimedia apps via the OSS/LynxOS audio drivers.

What's New

OSS/LynxOS v3.99.4a announced

  • Beta drivers for Intel High definition audio (azalia) ***Remember to unmute the controls***
  • Added record monitor feature for LynxONE
  • recording level control support for IMUX
  • fixed up SBLive 7.1 recording
  • Support for Audiophile 192 added
  • Support for CMI8768 announced
  • Support for Maudio Revolution 5.1 announced

4Front Advanced Audio Technologies:

  • Virtual Synth - software wavetable synthesizer fo r any 16bit audio card
  • Input Multiplexer - record audio in multiple formats at the same time using a single input source.
  • Virtual Mixer - mix up to 8 separate audio apps i n real time