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Open Sound System for VxWorks

OSS/VxWorks provides device drivers for popular audio chipsets as well as popular sound cards under Wind River Systems' Tornado development environment - VxWorks 5.3, for x86 Board Support Packages (BSPs).

OSS for VxWorks is the only set of audio drivers available for VxWorks which support off-the-shelf hardware with true "Cross-Platform" and "Open Systems" compatibility. OSS/VxWorks complies with the Open Sound System API.

Developers can cross-develop and test OSS based applications in Unix machines such as Solaris/Sparc and AIX which also support the Open Sound System API. This enables quick prototyping and development of applications. Once the applications are developed on the host, the source code can be simply recompiled for the target BSP.

OSS/VxWorks is now available for evaluation. 4Front will provide each customer a driver configuration that is tailored for their needs. Please contact 4Front Technologies to obtain evaluation software. Support for other BSP architectures such as PowerPC and ARM will be available shortly.

What's New?

OSS/VxWorks 3.9.8b now available

  • Support for ALI M5455 (ALI 1563 SouthBridge) audio
  • Support for SPDIF output on ALI M5451 (ALI M1533D+ southbridge) audio
  • Support for VxWorks 5.5/Toronado 2.2 announced.
  • Open Sound System gets Tornado Certification
  • Support for Intel StrongARM chips now available
  • Support for Virtual Mixer
  • Software based MIDI synthesis (SoftOSS) without requiring wavetable hardware